Mission Log

Employer: Unko ‘Uncle’ Vann
Cargo: 15 tonnes modified weapons (illegal)
Delivery to: Lt. Torkin in Ft. Garnik, Ord Mantell
Payment: 14000 credits, half on delivery

Employer: Green male twi’lek named Verso (Favour asked from Diero)
Cargo: Himself
Delivery to: TBA (Verso not encountered yet)
Payment: 8000 credits

Employer: ‘Ordo’
Cargo: One protocol droid
Delivery to: FOWWSKFQ-1194214 (Asteroid on edge of outer rim)
Payment: 13000 credits, half on delivery
Notes: Sith pickup. Hooboy.

Employer: Ser Falkreath of House Cortess
Cargo: 12 tonnes of machine parts
Delivery to: House Ulgo on Alderaan.
Payment: 12000 credits (half upon delivery)
Notes: ‘Machine parts’ cover for republic war droids. ‘Ser’ Falkreath asked you to drop the droids on House Rist’s properly. Declined.

Employer: Chelch
Cargo: One small box, contents unnamed. Discretion needed.
Delivery to: Snarh (male bith) on Coruscant.
Payment: 8000 credits and a green jedi crystal (cracked, worthless).
Notes: Nexu kitten- never delivered

Mission Log

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