The Arms Dealer
A Nar Shaddaa native, Kexi is rumoured to be a dishonoured ex-mandalorian with one hell of a temper. Nonetheless, she’s got some of the best quality and cheapest guns available to the discerning customer and will almost literally sell to anyone. Though she’s rough around the edges, Kexi is loyal to the death…if you manage to get on her good side.
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Contact: Holocall, lower promenade cantina (VIP room 2)

Doc Simon
The Surgeon
Lovingly referred to as ‘Doc’ by his patients, Simon is an aging bothan with a penchant for medicine. It’s rumoured he was once SIS—though those days are clearly over. Doc mostly keeps to himself, taking in patients off the street. His home (surgically clean and immaculately kept) is his operating room, and is decently well-equipped. He can be cranky, but has a hard time turning down a sob story.
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Contact: Holocall, west residential sector 32)

Diero Kerakka
The Fence
Mister Kerakka, as he prefers to be called, is a grubby fat twilek who obviously tends to think of himself as a very fine gentleman. Always clad in the finest of last-season’s threadbare auits, Diero could probably literally charm the ears off a gundark. As such, he has gained a reputation for being able to sell almost anything to anyone, and he takes care of his friends. Generally speaking, Mister Kerakka prefers to do business in a friendly sort of way; meaning the bigger the tip, the more bang for your buck.
Location: Nar Shaddaa
Contact: Holocall

The Slicer
A Coruscanti native, Trace is a self-described genius when it comes to code. In his teens, he was breaking into sensitive senate data for fun. Now in his mid-twenties, Trace no longer slices for fun—a few stints in prison broke him of that habit. Now he does it for creds, and has made a name for himself writing slicer kits and doing custom jobs for a price. Trace can, by his own admissions, slice into just about anything and is especially talented with corporate security.
Location: Coruscant
Contact: Holonet uplink

The Informant
Luthor is a man who has never been seen and keeps his identity a closely-guarded secret. He is almost constantly plugged into the holonet and is rumoured to have a vast network of eyes and ears all over the galaxy. As such, if you have creds to spare, he can get you the information you need. But beware—his price is steep and he never plays favourites.
Location: Unknown
Contact: Holonet uplink


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